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past impacts
Asteroids that hit the earth can have devastating effects.  One only needs to look to the past to see what these destructive space invaders can do.
Click here to learn about asteroids that have collided with the earth.
Luckily, the odds of an asteroid hitting the earth tomorrow are very slim.
statistical odds
However, remember that it is still better to be safe than sorry.  Nobody expects to have their house burned down but everyone still buys homeowners insurance.  People do things like buy insurance because the consequences are not worth the risk of being unprotected.  Similarly, it is not worth wiping out the entire human race just because an asteroid collision is unlikely.
A mass-extinction of our planet is unacceptable.  We need to make sure that we know about all of the asteroids that could potentially strike the earth.
The Spaceguard Foundation is an excellent program committed to observing and tracking all Near Earth Objects.  For more information on the Spaceguard Foundation and to learn how to help support this crucial mission click on the link below:
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