Division II Concentration

        I propose to study physics and astronomy and to obtain a well-rounded, undergraduate background in both.  My Division II Concentration will be equivalent to a double major in physics and astronomy.  I plan to take 20 – 22 courses in physics and astronomy, with 6 – 8 of them being upper level courses (300 level or equivalent).  These courses will include 4 – 5 math courses, 10 – 12 physics courses, and 5 – 6 astronomy courses.  The topics covered will include calculus, linear algebra, Newtonian physics, electricity and magnetism, solid state physics, quantum mechanics, nuclear/particle physics, general and observational astronomy, stellar astronomy, supernovae, cosmology, and astrophysics. 

        I am also taking on at least 3 independent Advanced Physics projects with Piotr Decowski, Chair of the Physics Department at Smith College.  In addition to taking 2 education courses in the summer of 2002, pursuing a teaching assistant position at Hampshire will also be beneficial to achieving my goal of eventually teaching physics.  Therefore, I will be the TA for both Physics I and II with Fred Wirth for the 2002/2003 school year and for OPRA 190 with Brett Davis in the Fall of 2002. 

        During the summer of 2003 I will participate in a physics REU program at The State University of New York at Stony Brook.  Working with Tom Hemmick and the PHENIX group there, I plan to investigate the Cronin Effect in relativistic heavy ion collisions at RHIC, Brookhaven. 

        My active participation in wilderness activities will continue as I complete this contract. I will take classes in climbing, first aid, CPR, and avalanche training; I will also be part of a committee to organize and oversee the first annual Five College Outdoor Festival.

        For evaluation, I will submit a portfolio at the completion of the Division II.  The portfolio will contain course descriptions, evaluations, and grades.  It will also include samples of my work, significant papers and labs, and exams.  In addition to the portfolio I will also write a retrospective essay which will include the important aspects of my Division II experience.

        The Multi-Cultural Requirement will be fulfilled by my work in AST 220 at Smith College.  The course titled “Astronomy and Public Policy” focuses on the intersection of knowledge and power (a component to the Multi-Cultural Requirement) with respect to government funding for the sciences. 

        I will be an orientation leader for incoming students in the fall of 2001.  Co-leading the rock climbing orientation trip will fulfill the Community Service Requirement. 


J. Kamin